How It Works




After covering the cost of the event, we strive to donate every dollar from ticket sales to our schools. We are a group of dedicated parent volunteers who do not take any payment for our efforts from the proceeds, except the satisfaction and joy of helping the cause and being able to celebrate the festival season right in the heart of our community.


Who decides how much donation a particular school gets?

YOU decide!! For every ticket purchased you will specify which school you want your dollars to go to. So if more number of tickets are bought in the name of a particular school, then more money will go to that school from the total amount collected! It is really that simple.


How much of the ticket price is donated to schools?

The price for each ticket is $15, which includes a processing fee of $0.99 per ticket, and other event related expenses (PayPal fees, cost of wristbands, material and operational costs, Aarti & Prasad costs). After determining how much sponsorship will cover these expenses,  all remaining dollars will be donated to the schools. SRV Friends is a 100% volunteer led organization, and we do not take any cut of ticket sales.


How much money was donated to schools last year?

Every year we have been able to raise the dollar amount we are able to donate thanks to increasing community support. Over the last five years, we have donated over $70,000 to our local schools! We look to every person in our community to continue to show your support through buying tickets, making donations, or being a sponsor.


Which schools received monetary donations from proceeds of the two Dandiya events last year?

Donations were made to these schools last year –

Dougherty Valley High School                Hidden Hills Elementary School              Windemere Ranch Middle School
Quail Run Elementary School                 Live Oak Elementary School                   Gail Ranch Middle School
Coyote Creek Elementary School           Montevideo Elementary School              Country Club Elementary School
Golden View Elementary School             Pine Valley Middle School                       Iron Horse Middle School
Neil Armstrong Elementary School         Walt Disney Elementary School               Creekside Elementary School
California High School                            Tassajara Hills Elementary School           Bollinger Canyon Elementary School